Project Description

This is my mother, Maryjane. This is a woman who has lived a lifetime. She had many careers before stumbling upon one that she never imagined at 44 years old with a young child to take care of as a single parent.  She has lived all over the country as an army brat to a ballroom teacher, teaching at Country Clubs and youth groups.  She found herself single, desperate and alone in a man’s world back in the 70’s.

She founded a cleaning company as a one-person operation with a goodwill vacuum cleaner and a clunker of a car that didn’t go in reverse. She worked all night cleaning bars and restaurants. She cleaned houses all day. She took small naps from 2-4 p.m.  then got her daughter off to where she needed to be so she could go back out and work. 7 days a week. 7 nights a week. This woman never stopped.

I can say with god’s grace and perseverance that this woman made a clear path for her daughter.

I am grateful every day for the solid foundation my mother laid for me. That I can provide a service to others and surround myself with people that think the same way and who are loyal, trustworthy, and have the same beliefs.

I AM, the daughter of MaryJane.